Chambre genevoise immobilière
The Geneva association for property owners

The Chambre Genevoise immobilière, an active promoter of property ownership for over 80 years, works to protect the interests of property owners through its divisions.

The Chambre genevoise immobilière represents all property owners in Geneva and deals with cantonal and federal authorities on their behalf. CGI focuses on political and practical issues linked to real estate property and remains constantly up to date in these fields. Its mission is also to promote real estate ownership and CGI welcomes the membership of property owners to be.

Its thousands of members benefit from numerous services such as legal advice, protection of their political and administrative interests, various publications, meetings and assemblies, lectures, seminars, as well as from CGI’s activity in recognized representative commissions, for example.

Property owners’ voice is heard thanks to the CGI’s representation within the Grand Conseil, through the constant maintaining of contacts with the authorities and by its activity in more than 20 official commissions.

CGI also maintains a constant dialogue with the economic associations in Geneva, with real estate professionnals and with tenant associations.

> Statutes and section by-laws (in French only)